house m

location: Piatra Neamt; authors: Adrian Rosca, arh. Oliver Nemes, design team: Laura Nemes, Silivan Moldovan; collaborators: ing. Adrian Giurgiu, ing. Barna Lakatos; client: Carmen Muraru, Gabriel Muraru; gba: 452 sqm; year: 2010; foto: Cristian Turica

The site allowed an articulated composition, which led to a better segregation of day and night areas and also organize the site. The geometry of the site allowed the house to be built far from the main access road providing a sculptural perception of the house from the street and also assuring greater privacy. The living room was detached from the main volume of the house and is reachable through a glass corridor, which continues the axis started from the entranceĀ volume. The ground floor also has an double garage, kitchen, spa and technical areas. The first floor is occupied by three bedrooms. Child’s bedroom and guest room have a generously sized terrace.