mapcom office building

location: Targu Mures; authors: Oliver Nemes, Adrian Rosca; collaborators: Radu Rusu, Zoltan Szoke, Laura Nemes; gba: 1230 mp; year: 2010; photo: Dacian Groza, de3

This project rehabilitates an industrial building that has resulted from a previous uncontrolled development. The current construction represents the first stage of reorganizing the existing developed area. A new office building includes the old structure to which it adds a new vertical circulation and a new partial floor on the last level.
The financial and constructive effort made by Mapcom is quite impressive for a relatively small building (1.230 mp). This investment is especially visible in the high standard envelope and in the vertical circulation solutions: a panoramic elevator in a high circulation space closed with 4 level high glass walls. The reason for investing in these high end solutions is that the office building serves as a signal and standard for the future development of the entire lot.
The internal organization of the office space takes advantage of the context provided by the surrounding area – sports and loisir facilities.